"How to get to YES without being pushy or salesy"

Being able to get someone to say yes is the most important skill that you can learn and it affects your life more than perhaps you think:-

  • Getting a job interview and getting the job doesn't happen without  - YES
  • Making a date
  • Getting married
  • Getting a raise or promotion
  • Getting a response to your marketing
  • Getting a new customer
  • Getting your customer/client to follow your advice
  • Teaching your children
  • etc etc etc


Without someone saying YES to you nothing ever happens and nobody ever got ahead by getting no responses, did they?


Which is why I am putting together a short three hours introduction to the basic principles of "How to get to YES without being pushy or salesy."


This  short introductory teaching will cover some of the major elements from my online six weeks programme that you can actually use now.


Why should you attend?

  • Anyone who feels uncomfortable asking for a yes and wants to ask with confidence and calm
  • If you are in a job or own your own business where the ability to get YES is vital to your success.
  • You are involved in giving a service where success depends on clients accepting your advice eg. therapists, personal trainers, instructors,etc
  • Anyone who wants to improve their relationships

What you get

  • The difference between compliance and influence and why compliance is ethical
  • How to set the frame to begin guiding somebody to  - YES
  • How nlp presuppositions bypass the other person's critical factor and lead you to get compliance
  • How stage hypnotists gain compliance using these principals
  • The extra ingredient that is magic when getting a YES
  • And much more


How to take part


  • Be prepared to visit Halifax or the Midlands during late November possibly early December
  • Register your interest only now, and full details will be forwarded as final arrangements are made. Investment will be a nominal £37.00 with an Early Bird investment of only £17 saving £20 more info of deadlines etc when full details are forwarded to you
  • Be one of a small group to allow for maximum learnings
  • Have a desire and commitment to improve your "YES" skills


Warning - improving your skills in one area of your life can ead to improvement in other areas of your life!


To register your interest now please email barry@barryshawcoaching.com with your full name, reason for interest (this may affect content direction) and your location to assist with venue planning. Dates and facility to book will be sent out asap numbers and venues are fianlised. Any q's etc email or mobile me at 07711823897

Thanks for reading


Barry Shaw