About Me

My name is Barry Shaw and for over forty years my experience has been within sales, marketing and service, primarily in the Fitness and Leisure  Industry.


      I have worked for some of the UK's leading Fitness companies as - Manager,  Sales Trainer, Results & Motivation/NLP strategies, Operations Director, Consultant for new business launches and Owner/ Director of my own business.


      Having had - perhaps like you - both successes and failures in business I decided to use my knowledge and experience to help not only gym owners, but any small business owners or managers overcome and avoid the challenges and frustrations that are facing almost everyone.


      Changes are about to be made to this website and content pointing more towards the change in direction explained below


      Although I am still open to Communication and Influence enquiries around sales, marketing and service etc My main focus now is >>>


NEW... for Business, Sport & Personal


      Over the last three years I have devoted a considerabl amount of time to learning and deepening my understanding of "State of Mind" ( a temporary state of how we think and feel moment to moment)  and how it impacts on our day to day experience of work/sport/life.


      Interestingly I am still dealing with personal or business frustrations and challenges but now without using nlp or similar to create new strategies or systems. The benefits I provide now are  transformational and come more by insight from your own resources and understanding of the simple principles of how the mind works.


      With this understanding alongside new insights and implications produced it can help you address any "stuck" or "overwhelm" situations. Whilst at the same time allowing you access to your innate wellbeing.


      I aim to help you in a non judgemental way with a friendly and respectful attitude whilst doing my utmost to provide excellent service.

Kind regards


State of Mind

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